GRAFFITI Workshops

Learn Graffiti in Kristiansand

we host groups of 5 to 50 people

DRAW, graffiti, stencil


This option includes a drawing workshop. Our GRAFFITI experts will help your group pre-plan their designs, develop their skills and ultimately create more impressive work!


Our GRAFFITI experts will teach you and your group all the basic spray paint skills you need to create amazing artwork on our studio walls.


This format goes into more details and includes a stencilling workshop where your group will learn how to create and spray paint your own stencil along with learning all the basic spray paint skills. Each person will get to take home a finished stencil

Duration: 2.5 hours
1000 kr / person


The ultimate workshop! Your group is split into teams and a theme is chosen by your captain. You must then create the best piece of work possible (under guidance of our graffiti experts) before the battle timer hits zero!  When the time is up you must down your spray paint and the judges will choose a winner. Best team are crowned the champs!

Duration: 2 hours
800 kr / person

We provide everything you need, just turn up! We do advise against wearing your favourite top or sparkling white Nike's. Things never get very messy, but mistakes do sometimes happen!

Our address is Lagmannsholmen 7, 4610 Kristiansand, Norway. It is located with a view to Kilden, and the ocean!

You're welcome to bring you own drinks for the event. We love to make things easier for you, and drinks can be stored at our locale before the workshop.

We thought you'd never ask! If your group requires food, let us know. Our locale is right by Fiskebrygga and all the restaurants there.

Either make arrangements yourself, or pre-order through us and we'll organise everything for your group. Easy! 

Pricing varies depending on the group size. Our minimum group size is 5 people and we have no real maximum.

Estimates include 800kr per person for "Draw, Graffiti, Stencil", and 1000kr per person for "Graffiti Battle". Get in touch for exact pricing for your group.

Ask for pricing

Absolutely! We customise workshops for groups that want something a bit different. This can be anything from having a large canvas that everyone works together on, then brings back to the office to hang, to creating custom T-shirts. If you have something in mind, we're always happy to accommodate if possible.

Tell us your idea!